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Brassocattleya Pastoral Doris


A representative Brassocattleya

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Product Description

Flowering period:   September, October   Flowering duration: 3 to 4 weeks   Size from ground to end of longest leaves of flowering plant: 45cm.    Size from ground to end of longest leaves of plants sold: 30-40cm   Years to reach flowering size for plants purchased: 1-2 years   Conditions: Pot can be permanently moist/humid between June and September (main growing months in northern hemisphere) and be allowed to dry out for short periods at other times especially in winter (watering once or twice a week depending on how quickly potting mix dries).  Additional spraying is recommended on bright or warm days throughout the year, especially during summer months.  Never allow to stand for long in water especially when cold (below 15C) eg winter, dark/cloudy days or during the night.  The colder it is the drier the pot/substrate must become.  Avoid allowing water to remain in leaf axils below 15C.  Keep in bright position (no direct sunlight in middle of day) especially during winter/dark months with more shade/protection during summer months.  As winter sun is weaker the plant may be able to stand in direct sun during these colder times of year .  Rainwater is preferable to tap water.  If you can’t get access to rain water, boil tap water before allowing to cool.  The average room temperature is warm enough remembering that tropical climates are generally not only warmer but wetter (more rainfall) during the summer (8C min, drier or dry in winter, 33C max and wetter in summer).  Remember that the winter is the dry and sunnier season in tropical climates, where tropical orchids come from.  Like most plants, leaves will be longer and greener when grown in lower light levels.